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Welcome to Western Wildlife Taxidermy in Roseville California. Western Wildlife is owned and operated by Aaron Armstrong. Aaron was first introduced to hunting when he was about five years old and has been trapping, fishing and hunting ever since. He started doing taxidermy when he was sixteen years old. Aaron has competed in both, state and national taxidermy completions, winning awards in both arenas. Taxidermy has taken him farther than he ever thought possible. It has taken him around the world and has offered him the chance to meet a great assortment of very interesting people. Aaron has had the opportunity to hunt on four different continents and has taken over 50 different species of animals. Aaron is still very active in pursuing many of his hunting and taxidermy goals.

Eighteen years of experience and many trade secrets passed on to me by several of other great artists have made me strive to turn out great quality pieces to each and every client. Quality is what most people are looking for in taxidermy these days. Western Wildlife makes sure that only the best materials are used in every mount that we produce. From the best commercial tanning available, white banded eyes with nictitating membranes, to the anatomically correct forms and poses.
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